Investor Update #2

“Fund raising mode and full steam ahead with new openings”

What's cooking?

Ice cream season has started and people are finding our first unit, and guess what – they love it! 

We have now been open for 7 weeks (4 days a week) and more and more guests are finding out about our unit. It’s interesting to see that BonBot is introducing new purchasing behaviours in both they way they order but also sharing and posting the experience on social media.

We have started to hire staff for the units and we’ve managed to find some really talented young students that will help us to deliver a welcoming and joyful visit in our stores.

Our main focus right now is to be prepared for the launch of our mobile units. The work is in a very intense phase right now and the latest delivery date is 4th of July from the factory.

Financing round

We’ve engaged with a number of funds to raise our seed round. Given the current situation on the markets, we’ve decided to lower the ambitions in terms of size of the round and have built a slightly smaller scenario.

We will try to raise 2.5-3M EUR as soon as possible. That will give us an 18 months runway where we will prove:

  • Product market fit
  • Define our playbook on openings of new units
  • Get a better understanding of the unit economics and seasonality effect
  • Prove that digitalization ( automation & data insights ) brings efficiencies and optimizations to the F&B sector.
  • Define, identify & initiate discussions for larger collaboration partners once we decide to scale

We will validate and execute on following:

  • Open 5 units in Stockholm. ( learn about store denstsity, location impact etc)
  • Further develop product offering to cover a full day of fuel ( soups, beverages & ice cream)
  • Apply data insights and build features to drive repeat purchases and optimized marketing.

If you want to and have the opportunity to continue to support our journey you are more than welcome to join our round. Please reach out to us, unless we reach out to you first 🙂

Ice creams
App downloads
Repeat purchase
Average order ticket size

Short term roadmap

App support for multiple locations


Unit staffing


New product: Coffee


Open mobile units


Define Soup offering


Graphical re-brand


Graphical re-brand